Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP delivers a full solution that has the flexibility to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business environment. It allows your resources to work in the office, at home, or anywhere in an efficient and secure manner.

The Multi Tier architecture allows your organization to provide access to employees, customers, and vendors. The result: improving your enterprises sales and customer service while reducing your costs at the same time. In addition, Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP is developed locally with your enterprise in mind. It provides full Arabic and English user interface, Hijri and Gregorian calendar support, and provides for the local requirements that your enterprise needs to meet.

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  • Multi company & Organization
  • Multi Currency support
  • Fully integrated
  • Arabic & English support
  • Hijri & Gregorian calendar support
  • User access security to the field level
  • Full audit trail
  • Flexible feature selection
  • Imaging support
  • Multi Tier architecture
  • Internet enabled
  • Open architecture (COM)
  • RDBMS independent
  • Mobile Computing (Palm Tops)
  • Internal Chat & e-mail facility
  • Multiple communication methods
  • Internal report designer
  • Multiple report output formats including excel, word, HTML, and RTF.
  • Fax interface
  • General Ledger
    • Multi Organizations & Cost Centers
    • Multiple Open Financial Periods
    • Periodic Revenue & Cost Analysis
    • Multiple Years Financials Comparisons
    • Transaction Templates
    • Recurring Entries with Auto execution
    • Auto Reversal of Accrual Transactions
    • Actual vs. Budget Comparison
    • Report Drilldown to the Voucher Level

    • Extensive Customer & Vendor Information
    • Credit Management
    • User Defined Statement Cycles And Ageing
    • Consolidated Statements of a single External Group
    • Manage Service Invoices, Retentions And Down Payments
    • E-mail or Fax Statements & Letters
    • Customer Territory, Sector And Activity
    • Debit Note, Credit Note And Adjustments
    • Customer/Vendor Specific Messages
    • Installment Management

    Cash & Bank
    • Multiple Cash & Bank Acc. Types
    • Flexible Bank Account Codes
    • Cash And Bank Transfers
    • Different Types of Payments & Receipts
    • Receipt And Payments of Multiple Invoices/Installments
    • Bank Statement Reconciliation
    • Checks Tracking & Controls
    • Check And Voucher Formatting & Printing

    Fixed Assets
    • Comprehensive Asset Details
    • Multiple Depreciation Methods
    • Requisitioning & Purchasing
    • Asset Sale, Transfers, Additions And Disposals
    • Flexible Depreciation Allocation
    • Maintenance And Tracking
    • Document Management
    • Assets Reconciliation Tables
    • Preventive Maintenance (Integrated with Maintenance Module)

    • A budget is a financial plan for a defined period of a year. It may also include
      planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses,
      assets, liabilities, operations and cash flows.
    • Budgets can be defined for any of these component of the Chart of Accounts.
    • The budgeted VS Actuals report helps in identifying the difference between the two planned/budgeted expenditure and the actual expensed.
    • The reports also helps is strategizing the next year’s budget. Multiple reports can be generated related to budgeting in Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP.

    Finance Management System

    Bank Facilities
    Credit Facilities
    • Capture & Manage Credit Facilities with Multiple FIs
    • Track Available Credit
    • Reallocate Credit to Other Lines

    Letters of Credit
    • Full Management Of LC Activities (Opening, Amendments, Renewing, Closing, Cancellation)
    • LC Documents Management
    • LC Fees, Cover, Payment Tracking
    • LC Costs Reflected on Inventory Cost
    • Limits Tracking Under Credit Facility Agreement

    Letters Of Guarantee
    • Full Management Of LG Activities (Opening, Reduction, Extension, Liquidation, Cancellation)
    • Limits Tracking Under Credit Facility Agreement
    • LG Documents Management
    • LG Fees, Cover, Payment Tracking

    • Flexible Pricing, Promotions and Discounts
    • Full & Flexible Sales Process (Quotes, Orders, Dispatches, Invoices, Returns)
    • Sales related Controls (Discounts, Warehouses, Cost Centers, Organizations, Branches)
    • Flexible Payment Methods (Cash, Credit, Installments, Mixed)
    • Use Transactions as source documents & Templates for other transactions
    • Sell Inventory items, Non-inventory items, Assembled Items and Services
    • Sales Analysis (by Organization, Market, Product, Person)
    • Margin Analysis (by Organization, Market, Product, Person)
    • VAT Management for Sales Activities

    • Full & Flexible Purchase Process (RFP, Proposal Entry, Price Compare,
      Purchase Orders, Costing Sheet, Returns)
    • Use Transactions as source documents & Templates for other transactions
    • Local & International Purchasing
    • Purchase Costing (Shipping, Insurance, Customs, etc..)
    • Inventory Reorder Management
    • Purchase Analysis (by Organization, Market, Product, Person)
    • Purchasing Based On Letter Of Credit
    • VAT Management For Purchases (Invoice, Customs, Additional Fees)

    • Structured Warehouse Definition (Multi WH Levels, WH Locations)
    • Comprehensive Item definition (Masking, Item Group, Family,
      Aliases, Alternatives, Storage, Barcode, Vendors)
    • Full Inventory Process (Receive, Issue, Return, Transfer,
      Reserve, Release, Count, Cost Adjustment)
    • Unique Multiple Unit Chain Concept (Purchasing, Storing, Selling)
    • Flexible Costing Options (FIFO, LIFO, Moving Weighted Average, Actual)
    • Handling Of Batch, Serial And Expiry Date
    • Support Inventory, Non-Inventory, Consignment And Service items
    • Multiple Approval Levels (Inventory & Financial)
    • Inventory Planning And Analysis Features

    Purchase Analysis
    • It is an intelligent feature that assists the Purchase department by providing multiple types of comparisons between historical and present data for better decisions.
    • Purchase trends will be available between previous year with current year, or for a particular month as well.
    • Analysis will also be available by value, by item, by vendor, by stock etc.
    • Suggested PO (Purchase Order) could be auto-generated by the system, and after Approval can be forwarded to the Vendor(s).
    purchase order software

    • Full Concrete Production And Distribution Cycle
      (Quotation, Contract, Customer Order, Delivery Schedule, Delivery Note, Invoice, Return)
    • Flexible Delivery Schedule With Facility to Reschedule Deliveries
    • Delivery Schedule Alert Based On Customer Credit Available
    • Can Be Integrated with Production Orders Based Design Mix
    • Delivery Scheduling Based On Time Defined In Sales Orders
    • Dispatch Note for Each Delivery (Driver, Truck, Quantity, Quality Info.,
      Site Location, Customer Info., Time)
    • Invoicing Based On Multiple Dispatches


    • Flexible Job Definition, Category, Responsibility
    • Flexible Position Requirement Definition
    • Work Visas Requests & Approvals
    • Flexible Evaluation Elements
    • Employee Contracts


    • Full Vacation & Travel Process (Request, Approval, Cancellation, Departure/Arrival Notifications)
    • Full Employee Activities Process (Transfers, Escape, Absence, Overtime)
    • GOSI Definition (Risk & Retirement)
    • Flexible Work Schedule & Holidays Definition
    • Employee Evaluations


    • Flexible Compensation Elements
    • End Of Service Calculation (Compliant)
    • Flexible Payment Methods (Cash, Check, Bank)
    • Flexible Regular/Irregular Allowances & Deductions
    • Full Loans Process (Request, Schedule, Payment)
    • Ticket, Vacation And EOS Processing
    • Generate Vacation, Tickets & EOS Reserves
    • Flexible Payroll Process

    • Flexible Consignment Item Definition
    • Full Consignment Process (Issue, Return, Transfer, Repair, Damage, Retirement)

    employee self service system

    • Full Real estate Definition Details (Tree View)
    • Flexible Pricing And Commissions
    • Property Occupancy Analysis
    • Flexible Revenue Recognition (Immediate, Monthly, Quarterly, etc..)
    • Collection Tracking
    • Support Owned & Others Properties (Buy, Sell And Rent)
    • Flexible Payments (Cash, Credit and Installments)
    • Integrated with Facility Maintenance
    • Images support
    • Alerts (Renewals, PM)

    • Full Purchasing Cycle (Memo, Invoice, Return)
    • Land Legal Information Capture
    • Flexible Land Division Facility
    • Purchasing Analysis
    • Flexible Allocations
    • Multiple Payment Methods


    • Full Development Cycle (Memo, Agreement, Invoice)
    • Detailed Cost Elements Definition & Tracking
    • Project Bill Of Quantities & Comparison
    • Flexible Allocation Against Lands


    • Full Investment Cycle (Subscription, Transfers, Allocation, Profit Distribution, Liquidation)
    • Allocation Of Cost To Investment
    • Full Tracking Of Investor Activity History
    • Payment Tracking By Investor/Investment
    • Flexible Profit & Principle Distribution
    • Full Automated Liquidation Process


    • Full Sales Cycle (Pricing, Commissions, Orders & Contracts, Title Transfer)
    • Flexible Allocations
    • Sales And Profitability Analysis
    • Availability Tracking

    real estate management system


    Planning & Subscription

    • Flexible Subscription, Redemption & Transfer of Units
    • Multiple Portfolio Asset Types (Real Estate, Equity, Currency, Bond, etc.)
    • Flexible Profit & Principle Distribution
    • Open Ended And Closed Portfolios

    Allocation & Development

    • Full Cycle (Memo, Purchase, Agreement, Development)
    • Flexible Distribution Of Portfolio Assets
    • Full Cost Management Of Portfolio Assets
    • Asset Operation Management

    Revenue Management & Closure

    • Full Tracking Of Investor Activity History
    • Tracking & Analysis Of Revenue And Profitability At Portfolio & Investor Levels
    • Sales Analysis At Asset And Portfolio Level (By Industry, Zone, Exchange, etc..)
    • Full Revenue Management Of Assets (Dividends, Sale, Rental, etc..)
    • Cash Management Process
    • Asset Revaluation And Unit Price Management
    • Automated Liquidation Process


    • Full Electronic Medical Records Process
    • View Full Patient Information (Demographic, Medical, Visit History, Document, Attachment)
    • Integrated Electronic Order Placement And Results (Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology)
    • Invoicing Based On Order Placements (Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology)
    • Diagnosis And Progress Notes Entry
    • Pharmacy Refill From Previous Prescription
    • Multiple Document Format Support
    • View And Schedule Appointments


      • Corporate Agreements & Insurance Coverage Support
      • Package Pricing Support
      • Multiple Payment Methods (Cash, CC, Credit, Mixed)
      • Customer And Insurer/Corporate Invoices
      • Claim And Statement For Insurer/Corporate
      • Follow Up Visit Invoicing


    • Flexible Patient Scheduling (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Views)
    • Ability to Make Single Appointment With Multiple Doctors/Clinics
    • Configurable Work Schedule for Doctors
    • Automatic SMS generation
    • Appointment Audit log

    electronic medical records software


    • Flexible Pricing, Promotions And Discounts
    • Multiple Payment Options (Cash, CC, Gift Vouchers, Mixed)
    • Bar Code Reader, Touch Screen, Cash Drawer, Weight Scale Support
    • Bar Code Generation For Each Unit Of Measure
    • Support Multiple Vendor Barcodes For Each Item
    • Flexible Sales Returns (Full Invoice Or Select Items)
    • Bar Code Generation And Printing On Invoice Printout
    • Handling Multiple Invoices Concurrently
    • Shift Management Facility
    • Reconciliation of Cash Drawer (Cash, Checks, CC)
    • Opening And Closing Day Process
    • Summary Shift Sales Report
    • Works Offline with (Immediate) Synchronization with HO


    • Support for Dining In, Take Out Delivery
    • Flexible Pricing, Promotions and Discounts
    • Multiple Payment Options (Cash, CC, Gift Vouchers, Mixed)
    • Virtual Keyboard, Bar Code with touch screen and Cash Drawer Support
    • Multiple Views for Menu items and class (Buttons or deteiled List)
    • Kitchen order details print
    • Flexible Sales Return (Full invoice or select items)
    • Barcode generation and printing on invoice printout
    • Handling multiple invoices concurrently
    • Shift management facility
    • Reconciliation of Cash drawer (Cash, Checks, CC)
    • Opening and Closing day process
    • Summary Shift sales report
    • Works offline with (Immediate) Synchronization with HO

    restaurant pos software


    • Tender Definition/Mapping
    • Tender Pricing based on Estimated cost of (Material, Labor, Contractor, Equipment, Other)
    • Flexible Project Definition (Types, Class, Sector)
    • Flexible Pricing (Manual Entry Or Auto Generate based on Margin %)
    • Ability To Define Multiple Prices to Compare And Select From
      Tree View Including (Task, Service, Milestone)
    • BOQ Change Request


    • Billing based or Quantity Survey
    • Sub-Contractor Invoices
    • Expense Invoices
    • Purchase Or Issue from WH
    • Labor & Equipment Allocation

    ERP for Project management


    • Bill of Materials Management
    • Full Production Costs Coverage (Materials, Labor, Overheads,
      Machine Hours, Outside Process)
    • Support Production Variances with Tracking
    • Materials Waist Management
    • Flexible Issue of Materials & Cost Elements
    • Flexible Receipt of Finished Goods
    • Quick production (Short Cut Process)
    • Full Tracking Of Production Process

    best erp for manufacturing


    • Multiple Maintenance Types (Preventive, Corrective, etc..)
    • Flexible Planning (Schedule, Materials, Labor)
    • Full Maintenance Process (Work Request, Contract, Order, Schedule, Execution, Billing)
    • Maintenance of Real-estate, Equipment, Assets, Location Services
    • Work Order Actual vs Estimated Costs
    • Capitalized/Expensed Work order Allocation
    • Documents Management


    • Flexible Billing (Customer, Property Owner)
    • Single Invoice Per Work Order
    • Consolidated Invoice for Multiple Work Orders
    • Selective Service/Material Invoicing Within A Work Order

    maintenance management system


    • Specialized Operations Management for Sub-contractors of SEC (Saudi Electricity Company)
    • Material supply is direct from SEC and not to be procured by the sub-contractor
    • Progressive Billing based on Survey
    • Sub-Contractor Invoices
    • Expense Invoices
    • Material Issues and Receipts from WH/SEC to project sites
    • Monitoring of Project Start/End dates
    • Labor & Equipment Allocation
    • MIS Reports

    Unified contract


    • Fully Meets VAT Regulations for All Activities (Approved by GAZT)
    • Flexible VAT percentage and Applicability Definition With Tiered VAT
    • Support Sale & Purchase Classification with VAT Rate For Each Class
    • Full VAT Capture and Submission Functionality (All Transactions)
    • Capture and Validation of Previous Submissions and VAT Payments
    • Full Reporting on VAT Returns, Payments, Claims and Adjustments
    • Flexible VAT Return Period (Monthly or Quarterly)
    • Auto Generate VAT JV Entries For VAT Return
    • Support Of VAT Return Basis (Cash or Invoice)
    • Produce VAT Return with Supporting Details

    VAT management

    Supporting Services

    • Scan, Store And Edit Documents
    • Organize By Document Type
    • Controlled By User Access Rights
    • Easily Find & Share Files Electronically
    • Support Multiple File Formats
    • Support Local, Centralized And DB storage

    Reporting Utility
    • Modify Reports Design
    • Controlled By User Access Rights
    • Multiple Design Levels (Standard, Company, User)
    • Export Design To All or Specific Users
    • eMail Reports As Attachment In Multiple Formats (HTML, PDF, XLS, RTD, etc.. )

    • Distribute Transaction Processing Load On Multiple Application Servers
    • Distribute Reporting Load On Dedicated Reporting Application Servers
    • Deploy On The Cloud

    • Integrated SMS
    • Simple SMS Creation & Sending
    • Send Bulk SMS
    • No Extra Hardware Required
    • Message Templates
    • Arabic And Latin Languages
    • SMS Schedule (Automatic Sending SMS)

    eMail & Chat
    • Internal eMail With Attachments
    • eMail To Defined User Groups
    • Internal Text Chat Between Users

    • Multiple Chart Types
    • Modify Chart Design
    • Controlled by User Access Rights
    • eMail chats as attachments in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, XLS, RTD)

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