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Providing the market with highly scalable, multi tier Client/Server based business solutions that leverage the latest technologies and best business practices

Compliant with e-Invoice and VAT mandates in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to New Era Technology

At New Era Technology, we realize that today's business strategies focus on flexibility, teamwork and technology to meet the challenges of the ever changing business environment.


Our Products

By combining the rich features of Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP, features available only in major ERP solutions, with the latest technologies we deliver solutions that significantly help your enterprise to improve the Return On Investment (ROI).


Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP is made up of applications and tools that help all areas of your business share information more effectively. Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP integrates all facets of an enterprise into one comprehensive information system. All data is available in real-time, which enables stakeholders to make faster, more informed business decision.

With Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP, all vital business functions (Finance, Production, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Real Estate, etc.) share a central source of up-to-the-minute information. Al Shamil e-Commerce ERP streamlines the collection, storage and use of your organization’s data. Only the right ERP system can help you organize your data for optimum use.

Our Services

Our services are always available to contribute to your enterprises success by providing you with the best possible implementation, education, and ongoing support services.


Assisting your enterprise throughout the software life cycle, from the sales process through implementation, integration, and upgrades, our team will ensure that you get the value from your investment....


NET Consulting provides a variety of services around implementation, training, process improvement, and software customization.


Our educational services provided to your users and executives ensure that your solutions are optimally used and that your users do not require extensive support during the initial phase of operation.


Our support center is dedicated to resolving your day to day issues over the telephone or in your offices and ensures that you get timely service and regular upgrades.

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New Era Technology develops strategic alliances with local partners who can share their vision to provide end-to-end software solutions to the SME segment, so that their users can successfully compete in their marketplace. New Era Technology’s Alliance Partners understand the benefits gained through successful strategic partnering and are committed to provide industry-leading solutions to their clients


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