Real Estate

(Management, Investment, Portfolio)

  • Full Real estate Definition Details (Tree View)
  • Flexible Pricing And Commissions
  • Property Occupancy Analysis
  • Flexible Revenue Recognition (Immediate, Monthly, Quarterly, etc..)
  • Collection Tracking
  • Support Owned & Others Properties (Buy, Sell And Rent)
  • Flexible Payments (Cash, Credit and Installments)
  • Integrated with Facility Maintenance
  • Images support
  • Alerts (Renewals, PM)

  • Full Purchasing Cycle (Memo, Invoice, Return)
  • Land Legal Information Capture
  • Flexible Land Division Facility
  • Purchasing Analysis
  • Flexible Allocations
  • Multiple Payment Methods


  • Full Development Cycle (Memo, Agreement, Invoice)
  • Detailed Cost Elements Definition & Tracking
  • Project Bill Of Quantities & Comparison
  • Flexible Allocation Against Lands


  • Full Investment Cycle (Subscription, Transfers, Allocation, Profit Distribution, Liquidation)
  • Allocation Of Cost To Investment
  • Full Tracking Of Investor Activity History
  • Payment Tracking By Investor/Investment
  • Flexible Profit & Principle Distribution
  • Full Automated Liquidation Process


  • Full Sales Cycle (Pricing, Commissions, Orders & Contracts, Title Transfer)
  • Flexible Allocations
  • Sales And Profitability Analysis
  • Availability Tracking

real estate management system


Planning & Subscription

  • Flexible Subscription, Redemption & Transfer of Units
  • Multiple Portfolio Asset Types (Real Estate, Equity, Currency, Bond, etc.)
  • Flexible Profit & Principle Distribution
  • Open Ended And Closed Portfolios

Allocation & Development

  • Full Cycle (Memo, Purchase, Agreement, Development)
  • Flexible Distribution Of Portfolio Assets
  • Full Cost Management Of Portfolio Assets
  • Asset Operation Management

Revenue Management & Closure

  • Full Tracking Of Investor Activity History
  • Tracking & Analysis Of Revenue And Profitability At Portfolio & Investor Levels
  • Sales Analysis At Asset And Portfolio Level (By Industry, Zone, Exchange, etc..)
  • Full Revenue Management Of Assets (Dividends, Sale, Rental, etc..)
  • Cash Management Process
  • Asset Revaluation And Unit Price Management
  • Automated Liquidation Process

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