Medical Services

(Appointments, Electronic Medical Records, Billing)


  • Full Electronic Medical Records Process
  • View Full Patient Information (Demographic, Medical, Visit History, Document, Attachment)
  • Integrated Electronic Order Placement And Results (Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology)
  • Invoicing Based On Order Placements (Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology)
  • Diagnosis And Progress Notes Entry
  • Pharmacy Refill From Previous Prescription
  • Multiple Document Format Support
  • View And Schedule Appointments


    • Corporate Agreements & Insurance Coverage Support
    • Package Pricing Support
    • Multiple Payment Methods (Cash, CC, Credit, Mixed)
    • Customer And Insurer/Corporate Invoices
    • Claim And Statement For Insurer/Corporate
    • Follow Up Visit Invoicing


  • Flexible Patient Scheduling (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Views)
  • Ability to Make Single Appointment With Multiple Doctors/Clinics
  • Configurable Work Schedule for Doctors
  • Automatic SMS generation
  • Appointment Audit log

electronic medical records software

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