(Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Purchase Analysis, Readymix Concrete)

  • Flexible Pricing, Promotions and Discounts
  • Full & Flexible Sales Process (Quotes, Orders, Dispatches, Invoices, Returns)
  • Sales related Controls (Discounts, Warehouses, Cost Centers, Organizations, Branches)
  • Flexible Payment Methods (Cash, Credit, Installments, Mixed)
  • Use Transactions as source documents & Templates for other transactions
  • Sell Inventory items, Non-inventory items, Assembled Items and Services
  • Sales Analysis (by Organization, Market, Product, Person)
  • Margin Analysis (by Organization, Market, Product, Person)
  • VAT Management for Sales Activities

  • Full & Flexible Purchase Process (RFP, Proposal Entry, Price Compare,
    Purchase Orders, Costing Sheet, Returns)
  • Use Transactions as source documents & Templates for other transactions
  • Local & International Purchasing
  • Purchase Costing (Shipping, Insurance, Customs, etc..)
  • Inventory Reorder Management
  • Purchase Analysis (by Organization, Market, Product, Person)
  • Purchasing Based On Letter Of Credit
  • VAT Management For Purchases (Invoice, Customs, Additional Fees)

  • Structured Warehouse Definition (Multi WH Levels, WH Locations)
  • Comprehensive Item definition (Masking, Item Group, Family,
    Aliases, Alternatives, Storage, Barcode, Vendors)
  • Full Inventory Process (Receive, Issue, Return, Transfer,
    Reserve, Release, Count, Cost Adjustment)
  • Unique Multiple Unit Chain Concept (Purchasing, Storing, Selling)
  • Flexible Costing Options (FIFO, LIFO, Moving Weighted Average, Actual)
  • Handling Of Batch, Serial And Expiry Date
  • Support Inventory, Non-Inventory, Consignment And Service items
  • Multiple Approval Levels (Inventory & Financial)
  • Inventory Planning And Analysis Features

Purchase Analysis
  • It is an intelligent feature that assists the Purchase department by providing multiple types of comparisons between historical and present data for better decisions.
  • Purchase trends will be available between previous year with current year, or for a particular month as well.
  • Analysis will also be available by value, by item, by vendor, by stock etc.
  • Suggested PO (Purchase Order) could be auto-generated by the system, and after Approval can be forwarded to the Vendor(s).
purchase order software

  • Full Concrete Production And Distribution Cycle
    (Quotation, Contract, Customer Order, Delivery Schedule, Delivery Note, Invoice, Return)
  • Flexible Delivery Schedule With Facility to Reschedule Deliveries
  • Delivery Schedule Alert Based On Customer Credit Available
  • Can Be Integrated with Production Orders Based Design Mix
  • Delivery Scheduling Based On Time Defined In Sales Orders
  • Dispatch Note for Each Delivery (Driver, Truck, Quantity, Quality Info.,
    Site Location, Customer Info., Time)
  • Invoicing Based On Multiple Dispatches

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