Human Resources

(Planning, Administration, Compensation, Consignment, Employee Self Service)


  • Flexible Job Definition, Category, Responsibility
  • Flexible Position Requirement Definition
  • Work Visas Requests & Approvals
  • Flexible Evaluation Elements
  • Employee Contracts


  • Full Vacation & Travel Process (Request, Approval, Cancellation, Departure/Arrival Notifications)
  • Full Employee Activities Process (Transfers, Escape, Absence, Overtime)
  • GOSI Definition (Risk & Retirement)
  • Flexible Work Schedule & Holidays Definition
  • Employee Evaluations


  • Flexible Compensation Elements
  • End Of Service Calculation (Compliant)
  • Flexible Payment Methods (Cash, Check, Bank)
  • Flexible Regular/Irregular Allowances & Deductions
  • Full Loans Process (Request, Schedule, Payment)
  • Ticket, Vacation And EOS Processing
  • Generate Vacation, Tickets & EOS Reserves
  • Flexible Payroll Process

  • Flexible Consignment Item Definition
  • Full Consignment Process (Issue, Return, Transfer, Repair, Damage, Retirement)

employee self service system

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